Friday, 25 October 2019

The Resurrection Of This Blog And Hierophany

This blog

A glance at the column on the right will show that my posts over the last few years have dwindled to single figures.

My decision to post less has been influenced by the rise of popularity of other platforms which coincided with the turning away from blogs generally. There are many dead blogs out there that dwindled in just the same way and many ended around that  2015 / 2016 period.

I flirted with and came off Facebook, am undecided about Instagram, and have kept Twitter going. According to SM specialists, Twitter never got huge in Australia as it has elsewhere around the globe, and many people that I talk to over here confirm this. There is an immediacy to Twitter that I resonate with. Like all the platforms it has its shortcomings, but I do not intend letting it go at this stage.

Which brings me to this blog.

I have considered finishing it up, taking it down permanently, temporarily, revamping it, editing it so only art related posts remain, editing it so no art (of mine) posts remain, and have come to the conclusion that I will persevere.

I am frustrated by the lack of interaction here. Social media was meant to be about sharing and commenting and interacting and as shallow as it may be to say so, the lack of likes and views has been discouraging.

I am aware that blogger as a platform is not popular. I have been told that leaving a comment here requires a process that some are unwilling to undergo (I do not blame them for this) but this still doesn't justify the deafening silence.

I do not belong to a specific Kemetic community, and to be honest don't belong to any communities at all: this has been a lifelong thing. So in some ways, I guess my own isolation has brought this about.

If you read this post, make a comment. Or if that's not on, tweet it, Facebook it share it via the url and do me a favour. In the nearly 10 years that the blog has run, this is the first time I have ever made such a request.  At least 44 people follow this blog, so technically there should be at least 44 interactions if everyone honors my request.

And thank you if you do!


70cm x 100cm
Acrylic on wood panel
September 2019

Completed in September 2019, this painting has a very special place in my souls and will likely not leave my collection. It is currently getting a divine (and expensive) frame.

It is the 3rd work to feature the gate (which is an actual gate in a cemetery here in Melbourne) and the first to feature the Netjeru Abyt (mantis headed) and Sepa (centipede headed).

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