Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Pagan Blog Project 2012

A group has pulled together an idea to network blogs around the world with the overall theme of Paganism. The idea is that every Friday, those participating will write about a subject starting with the letter A for two weeks, then B etc. (Can't wait until we get to Z to see how creative everyone really is!!).

I do not consider myself a Pagan. I do acknowledge that I use pagan-like practices in what I call my “Kemetic Practice”, but right now I feel that labels are not appropriate for where I am in my journey and process with all of this. Pagan, alternative, metaphysical, New Age . . . . labels.

I am participating for 3 reasons:

1)      Doing so is fitting with my resolve this year to be less insular, more social, expressive and interactive – I hope my blog opens doors for other peeps and that I get to interact with new and interesting peeps in turn

2)      I have become increasingly interested in Magick and my sense is that this project will enhance and further my development of this

3)      When I was growing up the nuns had a hatred for pagans and the part of me that is still saying “fuck you” to “the establishment” loves the fact that I too, am jumping in with the “heathens”

It is also an opportunity for me to articulate things that I otherwise might not, and will be a charming track to run alongside my regular blog subjects and interests.

The banner of participating bloggers for this project

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  1. The "Pagan" association is an uneasy one. I suppose in this sense I'm using it as 'non-Abrahamic, Not-Hindu, Not-Buddhist, None-of-the-above" because there isn't another useful term for that. But I run into too many 'pagans' who are 'my way is the only way' types who are just as narrow as a hardshell Baptist preacher.