Sunday, 19 April 2020

The Time Has Come For Setken And Patreon

The reasons for not setting up a Patreon earlier are too numerous, and needless to say I have moved past that point now.

The opportunity now exists for those that appreciate what I do and to contribute if you they wish via this platform. It may be a donation or a subscription, and either a welcomed. 

It is still OK to keep admiring my work if you don't join my Patreon too.

There is so much artistically that I wish to achieve, and this ultimately comes down to being able to afford a lifestyle that allows me to do so. My output and creativity levels go through the roof when I am not worrying over money. And this is the reason I have established the Patreon.

What lays ahead?

More art, a video project or two, and creation of Patreon only content for those that have subscribed.

Below is a new artist photo previously unpublished and harkens to my interest in developing an AMG style work in the future both as a painting and video / film.

Photo credit: Ryan M Photography; colorization by Kitten)

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