Tuesday, 11 June 2019


Acrylic on gesso panel
70cm x 100cm
June 2019

My latest work is a larger version of my recent Zemit, and titled Zemmit.

It gave me an opportunity to develop the ideas in Zemit further and to particularly focus on Set in better detail.

Zemmit detail: the god Set shows the hierophant the hieroglyphic text suspended in the air

I have rendered the sky and desert in ways that echo earlier works The Netjeru In New York City (2016) and Montu Mountain (2017).

All of the information about the hieroglyphs and the original genesis of the work can be found in a previous blog post on the original Zemit here.

Utterance 570 from the pyramid of King Meryenre, Dynasty 6, Old Kingdom 

Zemmit is 70cm x 100cm and painted in acrylics on a gesso panel.

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