Sunday, 4 November 2018

New Paintings

I have completed some new paintings in the past few weeks.

City Of Grief
City Of Grief
Acrylic on gessoed wood panel frame
40cm x 50cm
October 2018

Magickal 142
Magickal 142
Acrylic, 23 carat gold leaf, genuine platinum on canvas
40" x 60"
October 2018

Enter this place through my painting
Magickal 142
Anpu and Set with moon and sun at the gate
Either side the stelae tell the story of my soul (parts) and destiny

Oh Beautiful Lord Bes
Great Dwarf, how jubilant you are in this place
And jubilant I am, in this place where Geb rests in the hedges
And Set soars in a tree
And where Divine Nut embraces with her four pillars
Even as the 4 bulls are the pillars of protection of this place
Dua Ka Desher
Dua Mer Wer
Dua Ba Akh
Dua Hap

As my ba is nourished by the Gracious Creator Lord Ptah
So does the Holy Serpent unite and untie all of my soul
So does Sekhmet heal my body
And so do Wepwaet, Auset and NebetHt prevail

As Heru hovers so too do I, outside of time to view this place
This Magickal 142,
This birthplace of awakening.

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