Friday, 13 April 2018

The Unlikely Mystagogue

The Unlikely Mystagogue
Acrylic on wood panel
16" x 20"
April 2018

I created sketches 3 sketches last year that were each a variation on the theme evident in this painting The Unlikely Mystagogue. The resulting work is primarily the 2nd of those sketches but incorporates elements from each.

The sketches also inspired a script for a short film, which I rendered in storyboard form. The film was going to be a 4 minute film noir with animation overlays where a contemporary man, dissatisfied with lack of meaning in his world, finds meaning after being visited in a dream by 3 of the Kemetic time gods.

The Unlikely Mystagogue has more than a passing resemblance to my work from last year, Nehebukau And The Ocean Of Reassurance because both works refer to the same event and location, which is Sorrento Beach in Melbourne, Victoria.
The formation of 4 Netjeru in the foreground of the painting took various forms in the original sketches referred to above, however the result shown in the resulting work was inspired by the design of the pulpit in the church that I was taken to as a child growing up in Adelaide, South Australia. Image of pulpit can be found in this post from 2013.

The 4 deities featured are Nehebukau, Sekhmet, Set and Heru.

The Unlikely Mystagogue was completed in April 2018 and was the 2nd completed work post my exhibition earlier that year. It is acrylic on particle board, 16” x 20”.

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