Wednesday, 14 March 2018

A beginning, an end, a new painting and Ladytron

16" x 12"
Acrylic on hardboard panel
March 2018

The year has begun with an intensity that has shifted me along the path to wherever I am taking my art (or wherever it is taking me). It has been an exhilarating and at times fascinating ride!

As the entire first 5 weeks of the year were consumed with getting my exhibition ready, the metamorphosis occurred without much conscious attention from me. On the Saturday night of the exhibition event, a meditation revealed that a completion had occurred, and the "first phase" of my artistic journey was completed. The exhibition event itself was a full-stop marking the milestone, and in the meditation it was Khonsu who appeared.

I reflected on this days later in the wake of uninstalling the event, and finalizing all that came after. It occurred to me that it was Khonsu that appeared in a dream after my first visit to Egypt in 2010. This was the real beginning of my Kemetic journey.

Sometime during those days a dream unfolded that somehow consolidated the Saturday night meditation transmission, and I begun working on a sketch that bought together all 3 elements: the milestone of the exhibition, the initial appearance of Khonsu all those years ago, and the dream in the wake of the exhibition event. The painting Completion is the result of this, and is a great start to the new works that have begun since Neo Pharaonic was staged.

In the work, the Netjer Khonsu sits atop a cascade of mounds amongst a temple complex. Water can be seen coming from 3 sides. He emits divine rays from His hands in an act of exorcism, which is what the hieroglyphs say.

In the wake of this curious time, Ladytron have released their new single, The Animals, which also has a somewhat magical bearing on all of this.

I have noticed that Ladytron pops up as "markers" of various events of my life. They named an album that summed up a significant period in my life relating to my other (non - artistic) career (Gravity The Seducer), and released it at a time where said career was undergoing a major transition. I bought that cd in a shop that is now the actual location of my current work place, and think about that every time I use that particular area where the cash register used to be. That album was the last studio album before their long hiatus and not long after its release I recommenced my painting career. The new single is their first in 7 years.

Velocifero is the first album of theirs that I bought and turned me on to them, and marked another significant period -  moving back to Australia and living in Melbourne again. I always think about the time I had settling back in after living overseas for so long and how much that album anchored me  and helped me feel settled.

I created significant paintings listening to Helen Marnie's Crystal World and then Strange Words And Weird Wars during the group's hiatus. The latter cd was my most listened to record in 2017 (along with Blondie's Pollinator).

The new single is brilliant. I played it some 40 times in the first week of release. It is the most perfect comeback song for the group that I could imagine. The title also relates to my new painting featured in this post, although the meaning conveyed in the song is different to the meaning in the painting.

Here is to new art, Netjer, and new beginnings.