Saturday, 19 December 2015

Ruby Sekhmet: Anatomy Of A Painting

Ruby Sekhmet
Egg tempera on gessoed plywood board
40cm x 40 cm
November 2015

My latest work is my first official foray into creating works using egg tempera.

I have been studying Iconography and Icon Painting under a tutor this year, and have amassed quite a collection of pigments to mix with the egg and create new colours of my own.

Egg tempera is quite different to working with acrylics, and the painting itself requires a different approach. The art work has a dimension to it that creates a unique feel all its own.

I have painted on a pre-prepared gessoed plywood surface, but have also been learning how to create same using fabric, rabbit skin blue and the chalky substance (that ultimately makes gesso).

The piece continues a theme I began in my previous work, Triple Sekhmet, but was inspired by a friends trip to the Egyptian Museum in Turin earlier this year. A particularly stunning Sekhmet statue leapt out at me from the photos and videos he took and I knew I wanted to render Her like this.

The original inspiration of the painting
I continue earlier themes of hexagonal patterning in the background. (Winged Set and Downloading Netjer are the canvases I refer to).

I am finding inspiration through natural minerals at the moment, and have had great success working with a healing modality called The Liquid Crystals this year. (This will not be the last time you read me mentioning this).

It is the first time that I have "signed" a painting.

Below I feature the piece in various stages of completion, as well as some practice boards.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Richard Reidy 1944 - 2015

Richard Reidy
Photo from the jacket of his book, "Eternal Egypt".

I am sad to write that Richard Reidy has passed.

I spent some time with Richard in San Jose earlier this year, and attended his lecture at Pantheacon. I attended a beautiful ritual in honor of Bast at his invitation, my first time in this life to do so in a formal group setting.

He was a truly lovely man and I am very saddened by his passing. 

He contributed a lot to the Kemetic community and his book, "Eternal Egypt" has a place as one of my most beloved tomes on modern Kemeticism.

May Ausar establish a place for you in His domain, Richard. 

And may Sutekh grant you immortality and much power in the Duat and beyond. 

May Sekhmet bestow you with all you require to live on as an Akh in the beyond, bearing great light for all there, as you were here.

Richard and I after his presentation at Pantheacon earlier this year
photo by HiC Luttmers