Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Jackal Gods

It interests me when people gift me Kemetic things. I am not the easiest person to buy for, so if I receive something that really floats my boat it is significant.

I received within a 4 day period in this last week 2 gifts of jackal Netjeru: a beautiful portrait of Anpu (called "Guide Dog") by my friend artist Paul Compton, and a particularly well rendered statue of Duamutef (bought from the Egyptian Museum in Turin) from a client.

"Guide Dog" by Paul Compton
Interestingly, these gifts coincide with finding and securing a new home - a process that has been long, exhausting and not terribly pleasant. I received Paul's gift on Friday (I had submitted my application to secure house), and Duamutef on Monday (I was informed I was successful in securing said house). As a primary purpose of getting this home was to have a room specifically for painting in, I can't help but feel the Netjeru's blessing in all this. (Of note also is that the place I "began" my painting in 4 years ago I felt I was led to by Wepwawet).

I first saw the Anpu portrait in Paul's exhibition in 2012 and wrote about it here. Paul and I had struck up a friendship when I frequented the art supplies store he works in and has been a solid "art" friend since. By this I mean we go to exhibitions of interest together, he guides me with arts technique and product I have no clue about, and is a supporter of my work, as I am his.

My client that gifted me Duamutef went to Italy recently for the Bienniale, and I joked that he should go to Turin - home of the largest collection of Egyptian antiquities outside of Egypt - and get me a gift. He had not planned on going to Turin and by a strange twist of fate ended up there with friends. They all visited the museum (I have seen the pictures and videos he took and it is AMAZING there) and he bought me the statue presented here.

Dua Anpu!
Dua Duamutef!


  1. How rad! Grattis on securing the new home as well; glad things are going your way a bit! :D

    Those Duamutef statuettes are in EVERY museum-with-an-Egyptian-exhibit's gift shop, I swear. Duamutef has to be one of the most unintentionally-popular Gods on account of that -- poor Duamutef . . . one of His images is pretty popular (because everyone loves jackals), but few people, by comparison, even know Duamutef's name.

    That said, they *are* pretty nice sculpts. :3

    1. Interestingly, I can not recall seeing this type of statue in recent exhibition shops / museum gift shops.

      You're right, it is a well done piece!