Friday, 20 March 2015


Yesterday a new milestone in my painting career was reached: I had 5 of my paintings professionally photographed.

The difference this makes to how they are presented on the internet (which is currently my primary means of showing my work) is incredible.

This is the first step in getting all of my work professionally photographed for 2 upcoming exhibitions: the first one, which I am hoping to have in November or December this year here in Melbourne, and the second next year or thereabouts in the United States with Ptahmassu Nofra-Ua'a.

"The Ark Of Millions" is the first to be (re)featured. The brilliance of the colours is much more apparent, even though the gold boat and shrine can not convey the metallic paint as well as in real life. The original post at time of completing the work last year can be found here.

I will post one each of the 5 per week so you can see for yourselves, and by that time my latest work "Material Immortality" should be ready. I ask that you link back to this page when sharing the photos which you are most welcome to do.

Thanks to Christopher Sanders Photography for his great efforts.

The Ark Of Millions
48" x 72"
Acrylic on canvas


  1. It's nice to see a photo with truer colors. Congratulations on this good fortune.

  2. Thanks Joan. It really has made a huge difference.

  3. Congratulations on reaching this important landmark moment in your creative life! Your work is truly unique, truly sacred, and has a very powerful voice to share. What I most appreciate about your work is its focus on impact via color. You have such a strong grasp on how Netjer uses color to communicate with us. Also, the fact that you are not simply copying the same tomb and temple scenes. Your paintings give us Netjer here and now, using the familiar ancient forms, yet somehow breathing new life into them. I love your work. May Netjer grant you success in all you do!