Friday, 17 May 2013

Downloading Netjer

My most involved painting to date is called "Downloading Netjer", and explores a theme I enjoy of the "technology of Netjer". What happens when we view Kemeticism in modern terms and in particular with our modern notions of technology?

Nine Netjeru are downloaded into various parts of the body of the subject, but not his physical body: the download occurs into the khaibit, the "shadow" body.

Owing to a way I have perceived my khaibit through meditation, the image depicts a gas mask to denote breathing / existing in another realm. The ankle and wrist cuffs compliment the mask with a bondage theme, said theme being more literal (as in tied to the material realm) but also something else owing to the attire (or lack of).The hexagonals form an inter-dimensional mesh that serve as both gateway and net from that realm to ours.

I particularly enjoyed painting the Netjeru for this piece. It was the first time I have depicted Amon Ra in ram headed form, and the first time I have painted Nekhbet, Djehuty and Sokar. All of these had special moments in realization. The other Netjeru represented - Set, Sekhmet, Khepera, Heru and Maat have had Their portraits painted previously.

The piece is acrylic on canvas and is 30" x 40". 


  1. Setken, I'm glad to read the meanings you've placed into this painting. As I first saw it absent of the explanation, I began to put my own interpretation. I took the gas-mask to mean we humans had gotten to a place where we'd messed up really bad in regards to what we've done to the earth.

    As it says in the tenth part of the Word of Set, "The threat of your destruction grows as a tree in the north; its branches reach to cover the Earth with misery and despair; it consumes being night and day; it slays as the scorpion; it poisons the very air with its stench..."

    The bondage theme to me relates to the seductiveness of inertia, whereby we become enslaved and unable to act. The eerie emphasis of the swim trucks being white seems to draw attention to the root chakra, as it relates "to instinct, security, survival"

    Only by waking up from the root can we overcome the paralyzing enertia. All the forces of Netjeru can not help if we don't draw their energies into us and act.

    Thank you for a very powerful painting!

    1. I love that you have been able to read inertia and the inability to act that is conveyed with the bondage theme of the work.

      The trunks do draw attention - it is representative of an aspect of my physical self and also the "uniform" of a bodybuilder, which is one of my artistic identifications. Drawing attention to both the root and sex chakra was subconscious, and you mentioning it reminds me that my work has many dimensions to it, and only in the sharing of it do certain elements - like that for example - come to light.

      Another example of this is the Netjeru featured: I know absolutely why 7 of the 9 are there, and I get why most are connected to the body parts demonstrated. But with some I do not consciously, at this time, know. The appearance of Nekhbet alone and her connection to a nipple I can presently give no explanation for, but it is very much part of the work, and very much part of its "transmission".

      In relation to your comments about how we have mistreated the earth, I will say this: when I first consciously connected with my khaibit and observed the unusual form it took, it communicated that this form can survive in any element; I specifically got that as it does not breathe or have eyes like we do physically it could easily survive in fire or underwater. This made an impression on me and hence the work. I notice how well your interpretation syncs with that!

      Thank you so much for your comments - I really appreciate them!