Friday, 23 November 2012

X Series List Of Hieroglyphs From The Gardiner List

The Gardiner list is a series of groupings of Kemetic glyphs that help categorise the array of hieroglyphs that form the Kemetic alphabet.

The X Series List features glyphs that represent cakes and loaves. It is interesting to note all the different types of bread shapes that the ancients enjoyed, and I am certain that each has a meaning perhaps now lost to us.

Table of X classified glyphs in the Gardiner list

The glyph X1 is a loaf of bread and is used to represent that word but also as a determinative for all things female. Its sound is “t”.

The glyph X8 is said to be a bread cone, and has the meaning “to give”.  Its sound is “di” and” imi”. I wonder at why this glyph is used in the word for “Sirius”?

The word "Sirius" in Kemetic

This is my first "X" post in the PBP 2012. I have no clue what the 2nd one is going to be!


  1. Sirius is "Sopdet", so I would maybe read that "dit(a star)", and wonder where the 'Sop' syllable went. Interesting question.

    1. And also of note is that they definitely considered the star female hence the "other" breadloaf (I am still not convinced that the triangle is a loaf), or at least referenced it that way.