Sunday, 4 November 2012


Vetiver Vetiveria zizanioides is a relatively new essential oil to me. I commenced using it earlier this year when I discovered that I like rich, earthy smells that I previously abhorred. (Myrrh and frankincense are my supreme faves so vetiver is a sensible progression). It is sometimes called vetivert also.

Research on the web reveals that practitioners into essential oils use this for grounding and calming, and it has been documented to relieve shock. It is used as a topical for muscular relief. It is reported to have a sedative effect, although this is not a property I personally detect in the aroma of it.

The smell produced by vetiver (which comes from the root of the plant - it is a type of grass) is deep, almost pungent, and engaging. If I were to design a fragrance with my signature, vetiver would be a dominant if not the dominating note.

Mixing vetiver with sandalwood and patchouli produces an aroma that helps put me in a meditation state and can sometimes bring about trance (see my recent post about trances here).

Does anyone recommend a particularly good brand that distils a particularly rich version of vetiver?

This is my first "V" installation in the Pagan Blog Project 2012


  1. The metaphysical store where I used to work sold a full line of Oshadhi essential oils.

    Interestingly, Vetiver was an oil that almost all women liked/loved, and almost all men disliked/abhorred.

    1. I love that! I am not a "traditional", regular man by any means and little pieces of info like that delight me. I like being my own kind of masculine.

      Maybe it suggests that we genderise fragrance to suit our own cultural norms? I would find it hard to relate jasmine for example as a male scent, but still enjoy it.

      I kinda feel the scent of vetiver deep in my balls though, is the only thing.