Monday, 10 September 2012


This is a poem / potential lyric that I wrote appreciating silence.

A recent visit home - where constant noise and chatter ruled the roost - I came to a new understanding of what quiet time means.

This is how lyrics look when I pen them for our songs.


My first "Q" post for PBP 2012


  1. Nice poem! I couldn't make out one word. ""It is only in the quiet that I get to sense my souls ______?" I was thinking 'purpose', but the letters don't look like that???

  2. My handwriting is harder than the hieroglyphs to decipher, right? LOL

    The word is "palpate".

    Thanks for interacting with me on this blog so much - I appreciate it!

  3. Actually, that's what the letters look like, but I didn't know the word. Looking it up on the dictionary, I get "Definition of PALPATE
    : to examine by touch especially medically"? I'm guessing there's some other meaning the ol' Merriam Webster isn't telling?

  4. Well I have always used it to express "feeling", but not really as touching as such! LOL