Wednesday, 8 August 2012


The term refers to eight Netjeru consisting of 4 each snake and frog deities that form part of the creation myth of Hermopolis (the city sacred to Djehuty). They specifically relate to the formation of matter.

I feature two expressions of the Ogdoad here: one from Wikipedia and the other from an oracle that I use called the Book Of Doors.

Comparison chart of the two sources I refer to in this post

From Wikipedia:
The eight deities were arranged in four female-male pairs: Naunet and Nu, Amaunet and Amun, Kauket and Kuk, Hauhet and Huh. The females were associated with snakes and the males were associated with frogs. Apart from their gender, there was little to distinguish the female goddess from the male god in a pair; indeed, the names of the females are merely the female forms of the male name and vice versa. Essentially, each pair represents the female and male aspect of one of four concepts, namely the primordial waters (Naunet and Nu), air or invisibility (Amunet and Amun), darkness (Kauket and Kuk), and eternity or infinite space (Hauhet and Huh).
The Book Of Doors has the Ogdoad (Tepi Aui Un) configured differently: they express Kauket and Kuk as Kekiu and Kekiut, Hauhet and Huh as Hehu and Hehut, Naunet and Nu as Nut and Nu, and Amun and Amaunet are expressed as Kerh and Kerhet, still with a meaning of darkness and night – the oracle expresses it as “secret”. According to them, Kerh is a form of Amon.

I like how the Book Of Doors points out that the Ogdoad are a duality already perfected within themselves, a never ending polarity of positive negative positive negative positive negative positive negative.

Kemetic creation myths vary from province to province and all exist alongside one another. The Kemetics did not see one creation myth as conflicting with another. All simply “were”.

Kerhet is depicted here with a frog head, signalling completion. I am not sure if this was a licence the authors have taken or if she was sometimes depicted as both snake and frog headed. I would like to know the answer to that.

My Ogdoad post is my first "O" for the Pagan Blog Project


  1. Google brought me here in my search for an answer to the very same question!

  2. I will continue to seek an answer to this (about Kerhet manifesting as snake and or / frog headed right?) and post here when I know.

    Thanks for the interest in my blog!

  3. I hope you get to see this Jessidora!

    The Ogdoad are serpent and frog headed as these are potent symbols of transformation and ancient genesis. As these deities are related to the formation of matter, it stands to reason that amphibian and reptilian symbols speak Their essences.

    It also occurs to me that both frog and snake are potent symbols of the magickian. In my own explorations of magick this matter has resurfaced for me to face, and I think the answer provided is well on the mark.

    I wonder if your own research concurs?