Friday, 8 June 2012

Ka Shen Sekhem

Ka Shen Sekhem is a vibrational healing modality that utilizes Kemetic symbols and understanding of the soul. Vibrational healing - such as Reiki - has become more popular over the years as an alternative medicine. I use Ka Shen Sekhem myself and can attest to its potency.

Ka Shen Sekhem has been developed and is facilitated by my friend and teacher Peter Chapman. You can read all about it on his website. It is worth looking at for the info about the origins of the Sekhem energy and its modern facilitator, Patrick Zeigler, whom I had the pleasure of meeting and working with earlier this year.

The Ka Shen Sekhem Facebook page is here.

I made this set of Ka Shen Sekhem symbols complete with place holder as a gift for Peter. He has been instrumental in helping me along my path and I wanted to express my gratitude. They are made of an air drying clay and painted with acrylic, coated in a water based sealer / gloss.

This post is my second "K" submission for the Pagan Blog Project


  1. I might look into this. I could always do with some healing, with my various problems. Thanks!

  2. I am starting my second degree ka then sekhem in a few days. The attunements (4 per level) are most amazing. I am a reiki 4 master/ teacher plus many many other reiki attunements and none of those compare to this.

  3. It is a wonderful system and I am glad Peter does what he does.

    All the best with the new degree!