Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Knot Of Auset

The Knot of Auset (or Buckle of Isis) is an amulet that sits alongside many curious Kemetic objects that we speculate about today. In Kemetic it is referred to as a "tyet". Much like the sign “nefer” (please see my post “beautiful") there is speculation about what it actually represents and its meaning.


Lady Auset is a Goddess of magick so her symbols carry great heka. I first came across this symbol when I was making a living reading the “Cartouche” deck. In this system, it represented growth with a sacrifice. (The inspiration for purchasing and becoming a reader of this deck came to me in a dream circa 1988; I will elaborate in later posts how this period in my life was tied up with a "UFO" experience that I had).

The symbol is said to represent the knots used to tie the garments of the Netjeru, a modified ankh, and the menstrual blood of the Goddess Herself. For this reason we find amulets made from carnelian, jasper and red glass.

I have made a tyet from FIMO and featured it here last year.

This post is my first "K" submission for the Pagan Blog Project


  1. I remember reading somewhere that it may also be a womb and ovaries, another symbol for life. It's red colour symbolises blood and womanhood. I'll have to dig out my books to see if I can find the source :)

  2. Indeed I have seen this reference too, and really should have said so in the post. D'uoh!


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