Friday, 24 February 2012

Dua Netjer!

Dua Netjer!

Dua means "hail" or "praise" and is a way of saying "Praise be the Gods!"

This post - my second "D" for the Pagan Blog Project - is to mark a recent initiation that I experienced (or technically 4 of them) in an ALL LOVE workshop led by Patrick Zeigler.

I experienced the Sekhem energy entirely through my Kemetic understandings. It was as if the computer program of my "meat machine" (the new name I give my body :-) ) that processes how I cognate and integrate energy and spirituality concepts was Kemetic software. And so I found myself awash in an array of Kemetic symbols and concepts for the entire two days.

But the most profound part was experiencing the Netjeru in some form or another. And so my post today is to praise them for their part in my life, and honour the Ones that appeared as part of that weekend so recently.

Dua Netjer!

Dua Set!

Dua Atum!

Dua Amon-Ra, Dua Heru!

Dua Sekhmet! Dua Khepera!

Dua Aton, Dua Nekhbet, Dua Udjat!

Dua Aset! Dua Neith!

Dua Maat!

Dua Djehuty, Dua Anpu!

Thursday, 16 February 2012


The Duat is the “otherworld” refered to by the Ancient Kemetics where people would go after they had lived upon the earth.

Duat is generally written with the hieroglyph:

The hieroglyph for Duat is a star, however, some have also suggested this could also be an, um, anus


What can be found in the Duat is the subject of detailed texts such as the Book of Gates and the Book of Coming Forth By Day. Traditionally thought to be situated west of the Nile, as well as in the heavens (hence the hieroglyph) and in later times under the earth, the Duat does not quite fit with the Christian concept of heaven and hell and according to the Kemetics is a real world that exists beyond this one.

I could not have a post about the Duat without including the beloved Netjer Sokar: here he is depicted between two wings of a serpent in this depiction of part of the Duat which I am fond of

I began questioning the Christian concept of the afterlife from a very early age, so when I came across the Duat concept it was another Kemetic chord that struck deep within my soul parts.

In drama school, I wrote and performed a play set in the Duat called “Lost Souls”. As I understand it, the TV show “Lost” echoed the concept of people that had died inhabiting an after realm but were unaware of it, at least until the end (I only saw Seasons 1 and 2 of “Lost” so don’t know how it ended).

I began writing a novel 15 years or so back that was set in the Duat. I imagined it as a heightened and strangely different place to the world we are used to mixed with strangely similar realities. Denizens fell into two categories – those that had died (their skin took a blue hue) and those that were sleepers – peeps that were still alive here that were visiting in their Kau. If the latter were snapped back into their bodies too quickly, a kind of storm was created by the rush of their Duat form back into their Khat or earth form!

The main city was Los Muertos (that and Draconia are very non-Kemetic titles) but other places were taken straight out of the Kemetic texts.

Here is the map I created of the Duat for my novel, based on what I had explored by reading the Kemetic texts from those days.

The map of the Duat I created for a novel I was writing in the 90's; initially it had the working title, "Westgate"

From my notes of the writings of the time:

Hetbenbent – also known as Sun City – the place where you found yourself if you were having good dreams; the energy of the twin suns could be felt here and in another city, Netherkhert, the strongest; those that followed the path of monotheistic religions ended up here somehow


This is the place where royal ones from all over the earth – and sometimes from other worlds – come to live after death; there is much more a sense of pervading Ancientness here than the other cities where the remains of some long gone spiritual mystique are still to be recognised in the design and feel of the place

Amenta: the funeral city and soul processing port

A very strange place is Amenta. It has the austerity of an airport, the silence of a temple, and the commerce of a busy city. It was constructed as a utility, a place to perform a function, a long, long time ago by the ancients, and has remained untouched since; almost sterile in appearance and feel, it contains several thousand hive like domes that store souls awaiting processing and awakening for their new life on Am Duat; modern day note: if I was going to film this story the main “temple” of Amenta would be filmed in and around Chek Lap Kok – Hong Kong’s airport

Not entirely articulated in my writings of the time but where I was going with it:

Neterkhert – the real heaven where the Netjer live or lived

Seket hetepu – the fields of peace where people “landed” after leaving their bodies permanently on the earth or planet of origin

The purple sea – an actual ocean of energy that required changes in frequency in order to cross it

Thursday, 9 February 2012


The word “Communion”: transformation of a word
Over the last 20 years or so, the word “Communion” has come to mean more to many people as related to extraterrestrial activity than it does a Roman Catholic sacrament. This is because in 1988 a non fiction book of that name penned by Whitley Strieber described the beginning of what was to become ongoing encounters with the unknown.

The author has made a continued point from the start of not defining his encounters solely as extraterrestrial visitations (and abductions) but as an unknown that he had been interacting with that defied our current parameters of understanding. He has emphasized the need for the greatest of our scientific minds to address this phenomena - considering all possibilities of what it might be - consistently.

I mentioned in my very first post nearly a year ago  that I would eventually discuss my “UFO” encounter in this blog, and now with inspiration as my second “C” for the Pagan Blog Project this is timely. Are you already wondering how this has any bearing on either Paganism or Kemeticism? It does. Read on.

This book will be remembered in history as a turning point in our understanding of consciousness and evolution

My own experiences with “UFO’S”

I define the years 1986 – 1989 as my “metaphysical years”. During this time, I read and explored many metaphysical avenues that formed a foundation of understanding for the growth that was to ensue as my life unfolded.

My interest in Ancient Egypt was already in full bloom, and some of my first painting works were Egyptian themed (Sobek’s Revelation was one – it was my expression in paint on what the pyramids are - and another featured panels of AE scenes – I remember painting green swirls “the winds of Ausar (Osiris)” and my first crude attempt at painting Anpu (Anubis)).

I was very interested in UFO’s, and got to explore this fascination along with Theosophy, comparative religions, alternative therapies (mainly Rebirthing which lead to a greater interest in Reiki later, and past life regressions for a stint too). The Adelaide Theosophical Society held free talks every Sunday night and this was a staple for me until I left to live in Melbourne early 1988.

I do not recall at which point I became aware of “Communion”, but was certainly aware of it by the time I arrived in Brisbane in the first half of 1988 as I remember asking about it at their Theosophical Bookshop. By the time of my own encounter, I can not recall if I had read it or not.

In early 1986 I was presented with a choice: I had successfully gained entry into the prestigious Visual Arts School in Adelaide as well as the brand new Performing Arts School where I got accepted for actor training. I chose the latter, and found myself leaving that city after graduation in 1988 in pursuit of a grand acting career. After a brief stint I found that Melbourne was too cold for me so I headed for Queensland, and this is where in July, outside an outback town, my encounter unfolded.

There is a cartomancy story and a crystals story (all “C” can you believe???)  that goes with this but they can wait for other posts. I was on a rural farm with an acquaintance I had been temporarily sharing a house with back in Brisbane city. She wanted company to mind her parents' farm for the weekend as they had to attend business in another locality.

At night, we both observed massive beams of light coming up from behind a mountain that we rationalised as being from Brisbane: the World Expo was on that year and this kind of nightly light show was frequent. Trouble is, Brisbane was a long, long way away (and I think it was actually in the other direction!). We also decided it might be “traffic” and that these were car headlights  . . . we knew that was not probable (because we were in the middle of nowhere!) but were getting scared.

We observed a “star” lift from the horizon in an arc away from the ground and disappear into the sky. The same phenomenon was witnessed the following night but in reverse – the star was “coming in to land”.

I underwent hypnotherapy some years later to make sense of this event which haunted me. There were pieces of this puzzle that did not make sense. And I was not entirely sure I was recalling all the events that had occurred those two evenings.

The hypnotherapy session revealed a rich amount of startling information which was dumbfounding. This involved being inside some kind of rounded interior, blue beings, people (humans) that were obviously in some kind of planning scenario (one was talking to me like we knew each other) and a tall grey being with big eyes. When I accessed this part of my recall the video recording of my session emitted a static with garbled chattering and weird noises. I called the hypnotherapist (who was a GP) and he explained that there was a taxi stand nearby and that sometimes interference came over on the tapes!!!

Over the following years I read as much as I could on sightings, abductions and ET involvement.

UFO’s in folklore

There are many books and documentaries on how the UFO phenomenon has been with us since recorded history and how it has played out in various cultures and religions. Books by Jacques Vallee , again Mr. Strieber and Erich Von Daniken are rich with this information. I do believe that in one of Mr Vallee’s books connections are made between paganism, witchcraft and the UFO phenomenon.

But the real reason "Communion" is my blog subject this week follows:

Kemetic connections

References are made in the Lion Path* to evolving ones consciousness to a point where your body / vehicle of consciousness becomes a winged disk.

Edgar Cayce mentioned UFO activity occurring in Ancient Egypt in his channellings (damn - there is another “C” topic!).

TV lore has made the notion of Ancient Egyptian ET’s common with the likes of Stargate.

I relate here a recent interview I downloaded from the Unknown Country website (Whitley Strieber’s site)  about the experiences of encounter by people staying in his cabin at the time the initial contacts were occurring: one witness experienced an Egyptian Eye during her encounter, and another saw a shape morph into a falcon headed being. I only heard this interview in January and was working on my plinth at the time!

A book that has traced and weaved together a few Kemetic connections to the ET realm is The Stargate Conspiracy. This is interesting on many levels, not least of which is them challenging the notion of concepts like “ET’s built the pyramids”.


There is a connection to the beings involved with the encounter experience – and the encounter experience itself – with Ancient Egypt. My sense is that it strongly pertains to Soul Anatomy: a subject that the Kemetics seemed to know a great deal about, and much more than we understand today.

Mr. Whitley Strieber - it is my sincere belief that this is one of the most interesting men alive on the planet today

This blog post is a tiny tribute to Mr. Strieber for his life work of drawing our attention to the encounter experience and putting his reputation on the line in so doing. He is on my list of “people I must meet before I transfigure”.

*The Lion Path is a shamanic journey process that I undertook in the 90's

Thursday, 2 February 2012


I have only been to Egypt once – it was November 2010. It was an unforgettable, amazing experience. I was undergoing an initiation there (unbeknownst to me at the time) and this was the beginning of a whole new chapter in my life. And a coming home, too.

The name Cairo is Arabic and means “Victorious”; it is the same word that is used to refer to the planet Mars. In Shamanic Egyptian Astrology,  Mars is Set. It is also worth mentioning here the Cydonia plateau on that planet, and the images of a face and pyramids that have been seen. 

The mysterious Cydonia plane on Mars

Owing to time restrictions, I only stayed in Cairo. This post – for my first “C” in the Pagan Blog Project – is about that magickal city. Oh yes, Cairo is magickal and Netjer is still there in Egypt, even in this modern town (Cairo was not founded until AD 969). 

A majestic lion keeps guard on a bridge over the Nile that leads into the city; many emblems and themes from ancient times are echoed in the Egypt of today

Cairo is located just outside the Giza plateau and is inhabited by around 20 million people. November is not the hottest month so I was spared the desert heat, but it was still hot. Feeling Ra on my skin in Egypt felt very different to feeling Him elsewhere in the world. Ra truly was splendid in Cairo!

My main objective was to spend time in the Cairo Museum – which I did for an entire day! I got to see everything except the mummy room (I decided to opt out of that). It took 3 goes – I went to the little cafĂ© twice to break up the intensity of the amazement I was experiencing. I was overwhelmed, and expected to be.

Beautiful Sekhmet in the courtyard of the Cairo Museum: one of the few pictures that I was allowed to take

The museum itself has a charm its own, although it bothered me that harsh direct streaming rays from Ra were shining onto some very old artefacts including the burial gear from King Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The collection left me speechless.

Giza is actually a suburb of Cairo and seeing the pyramids pop up as I turned the corner off Pyramid Street was dumbfounding. The awe of the pyramids themselves speaks deeply to everyone’s soul – I am not the first to feel dwarfed at the base of Akhet Khufu (The Great Pyramid).

The Kemetic peoples called this The Horizon Of Khufu; I call it breathtaking.
Khufu’s pyramid was closed owing to Zahi Hawass doing an interview at the entrance. (I have an opinion about that but it is not for this post!) So I bought a ticket to go inside Menkaure’s pyramid, but only got a few steps in and was strongly compelled not to continue. I did not make it past three steps down.

Menkaure's pyramid: I had every intention of going in but it did not happen I'm afraid

I found riding the camel terribly uncomfortable on my scrotum and did not fare entirely well the rest of my ride around the field circumference. I have discussed theories with colleagues about the weight of the stone in that area distorting time, and perhaps I was dehydrated too. But the truth is, I don't think I should have entered the Giza plateau with out saying the right formulas. It is a sacred space.

I visited the Coptic museum and was again struck by how much old, old history there was in this land. I got my first real glimpses here of how the ancient Kemetic religion was initially absorbed into Christianity – and felt twangs of confusion as to how the Netjeru could entirely disappear after the Romans finally took over.

The courtyard and entrance to the Coptic Museum

I visited the great Muhummad Ali Mosque and was surprised to learn that it was the only place in Cairo that you could take pictures of both inside and out if you wished!!!! The elegance in design of the mosque itself (let alone the rest of the complex) was truly something to behold – an emerald of Islamic art and homage to Allah.

The mosque complex is visible from quite a distance away

Inside the main mosque

This is a pulpit - which I did not know at the time

I enjoyed the markets and fulfilled another part of my mission – to find Kemetic jewellery and statuary that I had not been able to get elsewhere. I surprised the locals on two occasions – once when I corrected a vendor about a statue of “Isis” he was trying to sell me (it was Maat) and another when I got a papyrus made with my sister’s name and told them which glyphs to use. (They go very quiet and quit pestering to buy more gear on occasions like this).

I loved the food and the people that I met there. I found everyone to be helpful and charming, and found a reverence in these folks that I did not expect. Yes, some tried to rip me off but it was all part of the game and ultimately it was a great experience. The traffic was insane. Yes – worse than L.A.!

The call to prayer which I heard frequently in my 4.5 day stay reminded me that deep religious feeling still courses through the veins of this place. I felt remarkably comfortable in Cairo.

The modern emblem of Egypt still pays homage to the falcon, and features stars depicted in the style of Pharaonic times

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Winged Set

Having had a fascination with winged beings all my life, it has been with some titillation that I discovered these images of winged Set recently.

From Te Velde's book

Also from Te Velde - a sphinx, winged Set

From Joan Lansberry - Set as a winged bull

I would love to see the originals of these. The top one in particular would be an amazing sight to behold!

Does anyone else have more to share?