Sunday, 8 January 2012

Dragons and Set: Synchronicities And Connections

The concept of dragons have been coming up lately in relation to Set, and it has got my mind a-ticking.
This dragon image is from a deck of divining cards in a blog I was looking at a couple of days ago: the blog I was investigating was about Egyptian Scarab oracles, and her most current blog featured the card pictured (original post  here )
It started with reading Don Webb’s “The Seven Faces Of Darkness” which I got for Xmas. It appears that as Ancient Egyptian culture was gradually assimilated into Greco-Roman culture, Set became associated with the god Typhon. Typhon was described as a monstrous serpent and dragon.

As Set was the slayer of Apep, I wonder how this assimilation came about? Reptilians were not normally animals associated with Set – can a dragon be considered reptilian as such?

It appears that Joan Lansberry has also considered this subject, as she mentions in a blog posting from 2004 that Set and Ra were referred to as dragons in one reference she has viewed. She writes: Both SET and the Dragon represent '' 'The spirit of the way', bringing eternal change.'' Dragon/Set is 'dark, chaotic unmanifested potential'” (see the full post here, it is really good: )

I recently went back to Adelaide to visit my family, and someone asked me about the “dragon” I had in my car. (See original post about my Set car icon here: )

You can see my red Set figure on the dashboard of my car

I have become hooked on a new (to me) show called “Game Of Thrones”, and low and behold there is a dragon mythos weaving through the storyline resulting in their appearance in the final episode. Again, this only happened this week!

Game Of Thrones is my new favourite show; this lady has dragon blood in her I believe
Finally, this month marks the 10 year anniversary where I needed to make some tough decisions about where my life was headed. It resulted in my moving to Hong Kong in February 2002 where I remained for 5 years.

Hong Kong: I lived here for 5 years. The cityscape never failed to take my breath away.

I will never forget one of the first meditation / dream experience that I had there (I actually can not remember which it was, but it was significantly real). In the sequence, 7 dragons welcomed me to their land. It was a signal that this was where I was meant to be. It was also the setting for the biggest transformations of my life: I went there one person and came out of there another.

When my partner of the time and I moved into our apartment together there we hired a Feng Shui Master to come and check it out (i.e. to Divine it). His reading for me was: “You are a sleeping dragon. When are you going to wake up?”

In one of the many sojourns I made to Thailand with that partner, I spied a magnificent dragon bracelet in a Bangkok shopping mall. We went back many months later to buy it together – a gift and investment all at once – in my last year. I left Hong Kong for good some months later.

The dragon bracelet: it is pure silver

The bracelet in situ on my wrist

Why has Set come to be associated with this creature? Set’s principal theophany - the “Set animal” - is generally regarded as a mythical creature, although I strongly believe that it is an animal that went extinct.

Is the same true of the dragon?

Lord Set on the altar in my Shrine Room; the pendant - talisman looks even more brilliant with the red lighting I have added to the space; this pic was not coloured or enhanced

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