Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Becoming of my Shrine Room

I added some red lights to my Shrine Room tonight after getting some ideas from reading Don Webb's "The Seven Faces Of Darkness". I had already begun to rethink my Shrine space with my recent move to a new property, and Mr. Webb's ideas have been timely and helpful.

My Shrine (at back) with altar front; I am adding another separate Shrine as soon as funds permit

In contrast to my last residence, the Shrine has it's own room now, which also works as my meditation, creation, magick and reading room.

This is a secondary altar where I keep my aromatheraphy diffuser (juniper and sandalwood is on the menu in this shot) as well as the books I am currently exploring and use

I have included more detail of the altar as this post was inspired by something jackal put up on the KIN Forum. My altar features candle, sigil, Set pendant / talisman, Set pendant Shrine / case, two ankhs, an akh glyph, and an incense burning dish. My altar is being reconceptualised to accomodate magick workings in the New Year (this one will no longer be appropriate).

I have not used the Shrine Room complete with the red lights yet (they only went in this evening) and am looking forward to seeing how they help create the mood(s) I want in there.


  1. Hi there, I've read your entire blog and I found it absolutely fascinating. While I'm not a Kemetic Reconstructionist I love reading about how modern peoples go back to the forgotten gods of old cultures. You have a very lovely shrine room and talent in sculpture.

    I wonder, have you heard of Nocturne Alchemy? I note that you use aromatherapy in your shrine room. This indie oil perfume company is Ancient Egyptian themed and I think their product the Offering Oils line might be of some interest to you as they are designed to be burnt in an oil burner and a lot of people seem to use it as for meditation/devotion. You can find it here:

    I hope to read more of your journey!

  2. Thanks for the kind words!

    I had not been aware of Nocturne Alchemy before but now thanks to the kindness of your bringing them to my attention. I am eagerly exploring their site!

    Thank you!