Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Aunty Sue Project

The completed project that features some of my FIMO creations

I reworked a prepackaged Kemetic gift set for a relative's Xmas present. I removed some pieces that I wanted for my Shrine, and created new pieces for the vacated spaces in the pyramid facade.

The gift set had been in a shop by a work place that I had left and returned to over some time. As it was there for so long - and I had wanted some (but not all) of the pieces for a while - when the shopkeeper dropped the price I swoooped.

First few pieces
 I removed the pieces that I wanted and set about making the replacements.

Djed pillar

I wanted to include items I considered essential as well as work within the limitations of the spaces left in the pyramid facade.


Winged Udjat


Auset's glyph / symbol

Falcon with flail, inspired by similar object found in Tutankamun's tomb

Knot of Auset

Udjat eye plaque

Was sceptre

I also wanted to alter the look of the case itself, so I painted the top gold and added a winged disk.

Gold capping

Winged disk for top

I am happier with some of the pieces over others, but overall the project was a success. I presented it to Aunty Sue on Sunday and she loved it.

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