Wednesday, 30 November 2011

A November to remember

I will remember this month as the end of a deep transitional cycle and emerging into my potential.

I have moved house again, and this time moved to a place that I believe Wepwawet led me to. I have a room here that is my Shrine / Meditation Room - in acknowledgement of how important my connection with Netjer, the Magickal World, and my Ka has become.

I have confronted some big demons this month, and find myself at the end of understanding how my trip to Egypt one year ago was an initiation into this new phase of my life. I might write about that here one day.

I met someone in San Francisco in 2008 that I connected with in a way that I would have not thought possible for a one night thing, and even though our contact since has been infrequent, the sense of their presence and that connection somehow brought me comfort. I learnt (via Facebook) that my beloved is now in a relationship and it felt like losing a lover. And more.

I also discovered an amazing artist and beautiful man called Jeff Cullen who has created this amazing sculpture of Set.

Jeff's Facebook page is here I have commissioned Jeff to do a similar statue for me of The Beautiful God, as well as Khepera. I can not wait to see what he does.

I have become increasing interested in the Temple Of Set and have read Mr. Aquino's introductory document to the Temple as well as some books by Don Webb. It has been popping up a lot in my thoughts and my dreams.

November seems to have had (and has) a frenetic energy with many folks (me included) quakering with energy. It feels like an aftershock almost.

I look forward to settling.

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  1. I love Don Webb's books. He has a way of expressing things that really seems to open doors. I, too, remember some very vivid dreams when I was first reading them. Set is known as 'bringer of dreams', (of course the fearful think 'nightmares'), but maybe they are just manifesting their own fears.