Sunday, 30 October 2011

A Shrine for The Beautiful God

As if to finally complete the birthing of my Set pendant, I have finished the Shrine that is to house Him. The pendant is already a strong talisman and needs a place for repose.

It is Set's name
A cycle is ending in my world right now. The place I moved into only 11 months ago I am preparing to leave, and a beautiful new one, complete with a room alone for my Shrine awaits. I believe that Wepwawet assisted me in finding this place.

I have most recently completed reading two Don Webb books about the Temple Of Set and the Left Hand Path. I am making my way through “Eternal Egypt” by Richard Reidy, "The Nine Eyes of Light" by Padma Prakasha, and "Temples of Light" by Danielle Hoffman.

It says "Beautiful God"

The Beautiful Netjer In His Shrine

My current meditation processes are centred around my trip to Egypt last year – almost 1 year to the day – and the initiation process that I underwent there. Right now I am focused on Khepera. This tattoo will not leave my mind right now:

It isn't doing anything for dispelling my man-crush on Vin Diesel seeing him half naked decked out in Kemetic tattoos

I am working with a healing modality called Ka Shen Sekhem, and my physical bodybuilding goals are also coming on nicely too. There is some balance in my personal world now.

Dua Netjeru! Dua Set!

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