Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Shrine Seal / Kemetic Ritual Objects

I have finally finished the Shrine Seal that I wrote about in earlier blogs about my Shrine. In meditation, it came to me that I ought to make a Seal for my Shrine. This is pretty much how I saw it in my vision.

I found a new kind of clay to make the Seal main parts from called Jovi. It is an air drying clay that is very easy to shape.

Next came settling in to the Seal the two previously made Guardians of the Shrine - Udjat and Set.

I had also created two Ritual Objects that I created after reading about certain Rites in the Richard Reidy book, "Eternal Egypt"


Set's Testicles

Another view of Set's Testicles - they are painted a beautiful gold that doesn't show up too well here


  1. I'm working on a "set" of testicles as well. And an adze. I'll have to post photos when I'm done.

  2. I'm wondering if the buds in the lotus offerings represent Set's "set" : http://www.joanannlansberry.com/journal/pinkloti.png

  3. I think you may have a point! Interesting.