Monday, 12 September 2011

New Cycle

10 years ago on this day I awoke to a changed world.

Many things about that day stick in my head, but most of all that day was the day I bought a book on how to read hieroglyphs. For whatever reason, that was what I was to do on that day. Buy a book on how to read heiroglyphs and learn to read them.

I learned later that that day was the beginning of a calendar of a new era, in some system, somewhere. And it felt like a new start for me. A dark, foreboding beginning of something. Within months my life was descending into turmoil and I found myself on a plane to Hong Kong to begin a new life.

Today, it is a moving out of that cycle completely – one that I saw lasting 10 years – into a new one. And this cycle is my cycle of Kheper – of becoming.

Importantly, today my pendant was presented to me in final form. And it is more than breathtaking.

Stay tuned for a future journal where I show you the process that my awesome jeweller / sculptor went through to arrive at this exquisite piece. It is sterling silver.


  1. Beautiful Set amulet! Good fortune to you on your new cycle.

  2. That is EXQUISITE!!!