Saturday, 27 August 2011

New FIMO's: Blue Udjat and 3D Djed

I think that these two pieces represent some of my best work to date. The Blue Udjat came to me in a meditation when I was contemplating my Shrine Seal. Lady Udjat is one of two Netjeru protecting my Shrine.

I like the way Ra's light captures her in this one

Lady Udjat on my Red Altar before my Shrine; soon I will make the mount for her and Set to reside in watchfulness

One of my first FIMO attempts was a flat Djed which was a bit average. I came across an inspiring Raising of the Djed image from the Temple of Seti II, and this has also coincided with my meditation journey through The Temples Of Light.

Both pieces seem to have some heka about them, especially the Lady Udjat one.


  1. Very nice! Do you make a wire armature, like for the Lady Udjat to support the wings?

  2. For taller pieces like these two a wire is required to keep them upright when firing.

    The wings were created separately and attached afterwards - no wire holds them in place.