Monday, 15 August 2011


I am attuning to a new healing modality that involves Sekhem, Ka Shen and the ALL LOVE energy. In a healing that I performed in the middle of the night last week it came through that my violent separation from Hong Kong nearly 5 years ago is playing havoc with my moving forward in life.

I did a Book Of Doors dice last night and Nebt-Ht came up. I put Her card on my altar and meditated; Her and Set were there. I was unsure about Nebt-Ht's presence as She doesn't always show up as strongly as the other Netjeru do, but does seem to appear in divination decks and readings.

I had dreams about Hong Kong last night. Strange, wallowing, confusing dreams, and upon awakening realized that indeed - I am still grieving for my loss. Nebt-Ht is a Netjer that has grief as her repertoire (more about how Set is in my life much later) and the card I have displayed from the deck echoes this: and how I feel . . . .

I realized today that I spent almost an 8th of my life in Hong Kong. I lived there five years, and it was the fastest growth spurt I have experienced. Simply, you grew or you perished. I grew. And I grew hard.

But the charm and magic of that city, interweaved with toxicity from crowdedness, electricity and air pollution, brought me to a pinnacle in my life. Now it is gone, and sadly the partner that I had to leave behind too.

I have found a book that tells of how to disconnect your Ka from people that "got in your system". Can I do this with Hong Kong too? Is the Ka of Hong Kong still in me? Will it ever go away?

I heard the message earlier that week and then Our Lady Nebt-Ht confirmed it last night.

And so, I grieve.

And I have to let go.


  1. Grieving is important.

    But I think sometimes the best way to disconnect is to start building something new.

    In the House of Netjer, this is the year of Ptah. Perhaps that's appropriate.