Saturday, 27 August 2011

New FIMO's: Blue Udjat and 3D Djed

I think that these two pieces represent some of my best work to date. The Blue Udjat came to me in a meditation when I was contemplating my Shrine Seal. Lady Udjat is one of two Netjeru protecting my Shrine.

I like the way Ra's light captures her in this one

Lady Udjat on my Red Altar before my Shrine; soon I will make the mount for her and Set to reside in watchfulness

One of my first FIMO attempts was a flat Djed which was a bit average. I came across an inspiring Raising of the Djed image from the Temple of Seti II, and this has also coincided with my meditation journey through The Temples Of Light.

Both pieces seem to have some heka about them, especially the Lady Udjat one.

Monday, 15 August 2011


I am attuning to a new healing modality that involves Sekhem, Ka Shen and the ALL LOVE energy. In a healing that I performed in the middle of the night last week it came through that my violent separation from Hong Kong nearly 5 years ago is playing havoc with my moving forward in life.

I did a Book Of Doors dice last night and Nebt-Ht came up. I put Her card on my altar and meditated; Her and Set were there. I was unsure about Nebt-Ht's presence as She doesn't always show up as strongly as the other Netjeru do, but does seem to appear in divination decks and readings.

I had dreams about Hong Kong last night. Strange, wallowing, confusing dreams, and upon awakening realized that indeed - I am still grieving for my loss. Nebt-Ht is a Netjer that has grief as her repertoire (more about how Set is in my life much later) and the card I have displayed from the deck echoes this: and how I feel . . . .

I realized today that I spent almost an 8th of my life in Hong Kong. I lived there five years, and it was the fastest growth spurt I have experienced. Simply, you grew or you perished. I grew. And I grew hard.

But the charm and magic of that city, interweaved with toxicity from crowdedness, electricity and air pollution, brought me to a pinnacle in my life. Now it is gone, and sadly the partner that I had to leave behind too.

I have found a book that tells of how to disconnect your Ka from people that "got in your system". Can I do this with Hong Kong too? Is the Ka of Hong Kong still in me? Will it ever go away?

I heard the message earlier that week and then Our Lady Nebt-Ht confirmed it last night.

And so, I grieve.

And I have to let go.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Latest FIMO's: Maat, Set, Sokar

I deliberately left the face on Lady Maat without feature

The image still remains Kemetic even with my interpretation

Seated Set, traditional Netjer style

This statue has been created as part of my Shrine Seal

My Sokar statue is crude, but still suggests that Netjer

Finally - a Sokar statue for my Shrine