Sunday, 17 July 2011

More FIMO creations

I am excited about the starting up of the KIN (Kemetic Interfaith Network) Forum so thought I would celebrate with some new (and older ones not shown before) FIMO creations.

Auset glyph

Auset glyph at another angle; I love the bold simplicity of this glyph
Lady Serqet's glyph - I have long wanted to create this; I most recently got a miniature statue of Her so this will be a nice compliment
Serqet glyph 2
Serqet glyph 3
Finally, this beautiful image of Set in red! Originally made for my Shrine Seal, after creation it hadn't turned out the way I wanted, and then I "got" that the Shrine Seal Set needs to be the Seated Netjer version. Meanwhile, this one has found its place in my ute. I feel very safe driving with Lord Set beside me.

This pic is also my avatar on the KIN forum
Red Set 2
Red Set 3
And because I know Seshathotep will love this  . . . . .

See Him there on the dashboard?
Set in Ute 2
This is my favoritest pic of the 3 ute ones - I love how it reflects the Sky, from whence Set came


  1. Very nice! I just love the stance and expression on the red Set!

  2. Set in a ute in Australia - AWESOME.

    I just hope that's a Holden ute ;)

  3. Madam - that would be a FORD ute of course!! :-)

  4. Oh Setken, you have my sympathies :P

  5. I bet I can change your mind once you had a spin in it! ;-)

  6. Well I'm a fairly die hard Holden girl, but if you're in Sydney I may call your bluff ;)