Thursday, 14 July 2011

Excerpts from Awakening Osiris: Chapter 44 Becoming The Craftsman

My latest FIMO creation - (red) Lord Set; so appropriate for this chapter

Truth lies on the hearts and tongues of men. Speak and live. You are creator and creation. Your life is craft, your supple body molded by word, sculpted by desire, fired by deed. You poise yourself between life and fate, the will of men and the will of gods. In the beat of a heart, the suck of breath, you are the Universe. Making. Making. Making.

In those moments of silence when desire and will are stilled, I know the purpose gods know.

All existence is the measure between light and dark, bees and serpents, wind and fire. I love the scorpion, yet I know its poisonous sting. To live in harmony is a beginning.

What can be named can be known, what can not be named must be lived, believed. I speak of the creator and the creation, the ordinary life lived extraordinarily.

There is no rest. The act is now. As long as you live you will create life. You will rise and fall many times. It is like the making of a good loaf of bread. You will be nourished.


  1. Excellent!

    And the new Set has so much personality!

  2. Yes as a fellow artist I thought you might like that excerpt.

    And the new Set piece is going into my car (I know you love cars) which is a hot XR6 2009 Ute!

  3. Today we drove a couple hours with a friend to attend a big international hearse/ambulance show. Despite having electonic nav assist, we got put on a slow route.

    I said "I need to make a dashboard WEPWAWET!!!"