Saturday, 2 July 2011

Dua Sokar!

I am posting today primarily for a poster on the House Of Netjer / Kemetic Orthodox board. I enjoy posting, reading and interacting on that board frequently.

Sokar is a special Netjer to me and I have felt communication with Him earlier in my life, particularly when I first got involved with the Book Of Doors. I was also working on a Soul Anatomy project at the time that I felt was strongly influenced by Him too.

Further, according to Charles Muses aka Musaios (Creator / Resurrector of The Lion Path) Sokar is one and the same as Sopdu, who is also Heru In Sothis / Horus In Sirius.

I find Sokar not as much a Netjer of the dead as one intimately linked with the deeply secret processes (perhaps I should write deeply guarded) of regeneration and immortality of the physical body.

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