Sunday, 31 July 2011

Netjer through time / King Tut Exhibit 2

A beautiful, beautiful statue of Auset that Aunty Sue bought me at the Exhibition

I visited the King Tut exhibit again with Aunty Sue, and enjoyed new subtleties not experienced the last time I was there (a few weeks ago): there were virtually no crowds this time!

My musings about how Netjer is manifesting in our current world began on the way there when visiting a designer jewelry gallery that was having an “Egyptian revival” exhibition. It featured pieces by the artist I have commissioned to do my Set pendant / statue (see my last blog post).

Jewelry exhibition flyer

I have wondered before about successful artistic interpretations on Kemetic ideas, principles and objects. The images that have been passed down to us from antiquity have such a strong presence (probably owing to 4000 years of history that kept art styles essentially the same). Even when “interpreted”, these still hold their own. Is this the heka of the objects? Is it the Heka or Ka of the Netjeru, if indeed it is that representation being interpreted?

When we got to the exhibition and I had time to sit in there and contemplate (the crowd was so thin that this luxury was afforded me), I found myself further considering the nature of funerary objects. Something inside of me tells me that these objects - especially the Tutankhamun ones - were meant to be discovered that fateful day in 1922 and shown to us in modern times.


I guess that question is the drive behind this post. Aside from us potentially relearning parts of our history lost through antiquity that we need especially right now (such as an understanding of Netjer, heka, our Soul Anatomy, channeled / free energy / technology), was Egypt so powerful that it now acts as a beacon in time that we are drawn back to? Was there something in that moment in history fundamental to our evolution that we have forgotten that we now sorely need? If so then why did it fall and we find ourselves where we are today? And most importantly, what is it, and how do we find it?

Aunty Sue remarked on one of the Amarna head sculptures featured in the exhibit and that it was a style that Akhnaton was developing as a “trademark” to distinguish his rule from others. But when we went into the Tutankhamun mummy room, a replica of his skull shows elongation too. What was going on with the Amarna pharaohs? Who were they? Even Amenhotep III (Akhnaton’s father) seems unearthly. Is there an oterh world / extraterrestrial connection here?

Replica of Tut's skull

Replica of Tut's mummified remains
Is now an optimal time in history that we can appropriate what we know from Ancient Egypt as we now have the technology to understand it? Look how you can navigate through Tut’s tomb for example. Egypt really is brought to the world successfully these days.

Was the technology they had then more one of the soul, and the one we have now more of the material? Are the two about to combine?

A computer console allows for navigating through Tut's burial chamber

I feel certain that Netjer is remerging in these times for a purpose. I do not know why.


The rear of my new Auset statue - I want to reference these wings for future art projects

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Double Senet Weekend

I have performed two Senuts this weekend for Wep Ronpet 2011 - one on Friday Night 22nd July (one day after New Year) and another last night Saturday 23rd July.

I had wanted to do one on Thursday night (New Years Day) but was not up to it. I used the Friday night one to clean my Shrine as there was a fair bit of accumulated incense ash / soot in and on it. I also wanted to introduce new pieces into my Shrine for the (real) Senut on Saturday night.

I cleaned the Statues and Objects with a purpose bought paint brush, and wiped the actual shrine out with a cloth.

The bathing in natron is doing something to my body and energy. I feel amazing after it. In fact, I felt amazing after both Senuts (I know the first one was technically not a Senut as such but I went through much ritual to open the Shrine and wore my ritual gear).

I enjoyed the Friday night session as I had not done a Senut in some time and wanted to sit with Netjer again. It always feels so good when I do.

In preparation for the offerings on Saturday I bought chicken, beer and added savoury biscuits, some mandarin and cashews. I had to use a non “introduced” glass for the water as I had forgotten about the water part required for offerings, (I had done my pre-ritual cleansing in the bath).

When I was in the bath I focused on the meaning of purification as suggested in the Egyptian Prayer Book, which I use as the basis for my Senuts, btw. As I was focusing on this and enjoying the feeling in my bath I sensed an object appear over my head. I could feel it there. 

When I did my rituals of the Senut I kept my incense (on a new CERAMIC dish!) on my red altar and away from the Shrine to prevent the incense ash getting in there again. I also placed my two page Prayer there for Wep Ronpet. (I then placed this at the bottom of the Shrine, you will see it in the video).

I had a sense of the Netjeru again in this Senut and got some information about the Djed pillar and my spine. There was also an indication to keep exploring the Nine Eyes of Light.

In a powerful moment, I felt Khonsu and Set take my hand (Khonsu left, Set right) as we walked to a “place”. I started to feel emotional but did not cry. I think this very much is tied to the Ka Shen Sekhem (energy healing) I had sent through last week too.

Before going to bed I found this page / site with all these wonderful expressions and interpretations of Set: Awesome art page / site featuring Set

As a lovely surprise, I turned on my phone this morning and it was my jeweller (who sometimes goes missing in action) letting me know I could come and see the cast for the Set pendant / statuette he is making for me.

This is only a wax model, but check this out.


And a lovely compliment to my Double Senut Weekend.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

More FIMO creations

I am excited about the starting up of the KIN (Kemetic Interfaith Network) Forum so thought I would celebrate with some new (and older ones not shown before) FIMO creations.

Auset glyph

Auset glyph at another angle; I love the bold simplicity of this glyph
Lady Serqet's glyph - I have long wanted to create this; I most recently got a miniature statue of Her so this will be a nice compliment
Serqet glyph 2
Serqet glyph 3
Finally, this beautiful image of Set in red! Originally made for my Shrine Seal, after creation it hadn't turned out the way I wanted, and then I "got" that the Shrine Seal Set needs to be the Seated Netjer version. Meanwhile, this one has found its place in my ute. I feel very safe driving with Lord Set beside me.

This pic is also my avatar on the KIN forum
Red Set 2
Red Set 3
And because I know Seshathotep will love this  . . . . .

See Him there on the dashboard?
Set in Ute 2
This is my favoritest pic of the 3 ute ones - I love how it reflects the Sky, from whence Set came

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Excerpts from Awakening Osiris: Chapter 44 Becoming The Craftsman

My latest FIMO creation - (red) Lord Set; so appropriate for this chapter

Truth lies on the hearts and tongues of men. Speak and live. You are creator and creation. Your life is craft, your supple body molded by word, sculpted by desire, fired by deed. You poise yourself between life and fate, the will of men and the will of gods. In the beat of a heart, the suck of breath, you are the Universe. Making. Making. Making.

In those moments of silence when desire and will are stilled, I know the purpose gods know.

All existence is the measure between light and dark, bees and serpents, wind and fire. I love the scorpion, yet I know its poisonous sting. To live in harmony is a beginning.

What can be named can be known, what can not be named must be lived, believed. I speak of the creator and the creation, the ordinary life lived extraordinarily.

There is no rest. The act is now. As long as you live you will create life. You will rise and fall many times. It is like the making of a good loaf of bread. You will be nourished.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Dua Sokar!

I am posting today primarily for a poster on the House Of Netjer / Kemetic Orthodox board. I enjoy posting, reading and interacting on that board frequently.

Sokar is a special Netjer to me and I have felt communication with Him earlier in my life, particularly when I first got involved with the Book Of Doors. I was also working on a Soul Anatomy project at the time that I felt was strongly influenced by Him too.

Further, according to Charles Muses aka Musaios (Creator / Resurrector of The Lion Path) Sokar is one and the same as Sopdu, who is also Heru In Sothis / Horus In Sirius.

I find Sokar not as much a Netjer of the dead as one intimately linked with the deeply secret processes (perhaps I should write deeply guarded) of regeneration and immortality of the physical body.