Saturday, 18 June 2011


I finally set about making some natron. It didn't happen all in one go as I couldn't get the consistency I had read about in The Egyptian Prayer Book. But succeed, eventually, I did.

Cooking the kosher salt and sodium bicarb mixture

First attempt - very moist still

With some kind advice I finally got the consistency / dryness required

Not where I store it, but I thought this made for a nice shot on top of my fridge with some special about-my-house Kemeticness

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  1. When I made mine, it boiled for the longest time with no change, then suddenly it solidified.

    Another tip for anyone else reading is that if it's humid, the natron will attract moisture from the air and start to turn back into a soup. If you dry it out in the oven, get it into a jar as soon as its cooled.