Monday, 27 June 2011

My FIMO creations

I have been using FIMO to create objects for my Shrine. I find it relaxing and a meditation in and of itself. Below are some (but not all) of my creations so far.


Heru from a different angle; I originally made this to put in my Ute but it seems at home in my Shrine next to the FIMO Set I made (below)

The Nebt-Ht glpyph - traditional angle

The Nebt-Ht glyph front on

A Set piece which has a loop at the back - I originally made this to wear around my neck

The Set animal which forms the masthead to my blog

Lady Udjat with my two little ab's

Lady Udjat with an ab

The ab's in the pictures above are over 20 years old! There is another large one (not shown) equally in great nick!

 Arguably, this Het-Hrt piece is the most spectacular so far. But there will be others!

I am about to start working on my Shrine seal.


  1. I love the Heru, but that Het-hrt is amazing. :D

  2. Thanks you guys. I created the Het-hrt one especially for her meditation stream in Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt.

  3. Heru's awesome but being a Nebby girl, the NebtHet glyph is unbelievable.

    I'm liking the Celestial cow too.