Monday, 20 June 2011

The Exploding Senut

I set about Senut again last night, this time with the added power of natron (see previous post). I was able to bathe in natron for the first time and it felt great. I did feel  . . . clean. I recommitted all the objects in my Shrine (I thought it best to do so now that I had real natron) and began the rituals.

I had made up a special petition requesting of the Netjeru that I knew them better - I am still seeking to understand Netjer better and my relationship to them, which is what this blog is all about. There were other items in the Prayer Petition relating to my journey on The Lion Path, and other things personal to me.

Suddenly, there was a loud pop - more like a mini explosion - and I opened my eyes to see that the glass offering plate that I put my ritual incense on had exploded! The charcoal pellet that the incense stones rest on had become so hot that it caused the thing to shatter!

I was stunned. I was in a semi-deep meditation, and in the moment that it happened my mind had strayed off my Senut and onto the "mundane" (my mind wanders terribly). At first I thought it was the "anger of the gods" because I had let my attention wander (not hard to guess I was brought up as a Catholic right?)

But then later, I came to think that this ritual - if it is indeed a mechanism of communication between the world of the Divine and here - would really have been "heard" with that bang. It was like my message was sent with a force. An email that came screaming through the internet, "READ ME!!!!!!!"

I felt uneasy afterward and have felt a little nauseous today.

And on my mind has been the exploding plate.

I had made a reasonable offering of an orange, some biscuity chippy things I like (low fat and yummy) as well as beer - which is the first time I ever have used in Senut (I do not drink beer or much alcohol at all myself).

This is one blog post that I am really hoping my followers will comment on.

Your thoughts?


  1. Yes, I think the message was "Don't use a glass plate for putting charcoal on!" I put that on the House of Netjer board too.

  2. Leave it to a Sutekh guy to combine drama and destruction in a Senut rite! :D

  3. I love both of your comments Sesh and of course you are entirely correct!