Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Excerpts from Awakening Osiris: Chapter 26 Not decaying in the other world

My favourite pieces from this chapter:

Body how still your are. Are you dreaming? Body, are you thinking of old places, old things?

The hands of Osiris lie crossed on his chest, the thumbs touch, two hands like the wings of a falcon. Why do the hands not fly away? Why does the soul not rise up? The fingers of Osiris do not move. They do not take bread to his mouth. His lips are parched. He does not drink wine. His legs will not dance in this darkness. The worm inches through the dust.

Rise up, flesh. Do not rot and stink. Do not let my legs be eaten by worms. Do not let darkness overtake me. Body, body, turn to light. Run your fingers through the dust.

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