Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Excerpts from Awakening Osiris: Chapter 26 Not decaying in the other world

My favourite pieces from this chapter:

Body how still your are. Are you dreaming? Body, are you thinking of old places, old things?

The hands of Osiris lie crossed on his chest, the thumbs touch, two hands like the wings of a falcon. Why do the hands not fly away? Why does the soul not rise up? The fingers of Osiris do not move. They do not take bread to his mouth. His lips are parched. He does not drink wine. His legs will not dance in this darkness. The worm inches through the dust.

Rise up, flesh. Do not rot and stink. Do not let my legs be eaten by worms. Do not let darkness overtake me. Body, body, turn to light. Run your fingers through the dust.

Monday, 27 June 2011

My FIMO creations

I have been using FIMO to create objects for my Shrine. I find it relaxing and a meditation in and of itself. Below are some (but not all) of my creations so far.


Heru from a different angle; I originally made this to put in my Ute but it seems at home in my Shrine next to the FIMO Set I made (below)

The Nebt-Ht glpyph - traditional angle

The Nebt-Ht glyph front on

A Set piece which has a loop at the back - I originally made this to wear around my neck

The Set animal which forms the masthead to my blog

Lady Udjat with my two little ab's

Lady Udjat with an ab

The ab's in the pictures above are over 20 years old! There is another large one (not shown) equally in great nick!

 Arguably, this Het-Hrt piece is the most spectacular so far. But there will be others!

I am about to start working on my Shrine seal.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

The Beam

I have been reading Susan Shumsky’s “Ascension”, as the subject of physical immortality fascinates me.
There is an account from one “Joseph” in the book that speaks of a technique where you walk into or place yourself into a beam of light, being where you wish to be. So if Ascension is the goal, in meditation you visualize yourself in that beam as ascended.
There is another concept he mentions that I also found fascinating and tried, called the line of unbelief. Essentially you step out of this world and over the line of unbelief to the world that you want to be in - a similar concept to the beam.
So as my goal is to be closer to and understand the Netjeru I set about this. An image of a sculpture of a Pharaoh sitting with Heru struck me.

I think that the Ancients were moving themselves into the beam or across the unbelief line when they had sculptures like this made, which must have taken a lot of time and effort.
So I tried the technique, and for the first time in a long time got a real sense that indeed I was sitting between two Netjeru. It felt “heightened” but there was a realness to it that has left residue with me the whole day (I was in a particularly good mood).

As part of my Prayer petition in a recent Senut was this concept, I think a prayer was answered. . . .

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Exploding Senut

I set about Senut again last night, this time with the added power of natron (see previous post). I was able to bathe in natron for the first time and it felt great. I did feel  . . . clean. I recommitted all the objects in my Shrine (I thought it best to do so now that I had real natron) and began the rituals.

I had made up a special petition requesting of the Netjeru that I knew them better - I am still seeking to understand Netjer better and my relationship to them, which is what this blog is all about. There were other items in the Prayer Petition relating to my journey on The Lion Path, and other things personal to me.

Suddenly, there was a loud pop - more like a mini explosion - and I opened my eyes to see that the glass offering plate that I put my ritual incense on had exploded! The charcoal pellet that the incense stones rest on had become so hot that it caused the thing to shatter!

I was stunned. I was in a semi-deep meditation, and in the moment that it happened my mind had strayed off my Senut and onto the "mundane" (my mind wanders terribly). At first I thought it was the "anger of the gods" because I had let my attention wander (not hard to guess I was brought up as a Catholic right?)

But then later, I came to think that this ritual - if it is indeed a mechanism of communication between the world of the Divine and here - would really have been "heard" with that bang. It was like my message was sent with a force. An email that came screaming through the internet, "READ ME!!!!!!!"

I felt uneasy afterward and have felt a little nauseous today.

And on my mind has been the exploding plate.

I had made a reasonable offering of an orange, some biscuity chippy things I like (low fat and yummy) as well as beer - which is the first time I ever have used in Senut (I do not drink beer or much alcohol at all myself).

This is one blog post that I am really hoping my followers will comment on.

Your thoughts?

Saturday, 18 June 2011


I finally set about making some natron. It didn't happen all in one go as I couldn't get the consistency I had read about in The Egyptian Prayer Book. But succeed, eventually, I did.

Cooking the kosher salt and sodium bicarb mixture

First attempt - very moist still

With some kind advice I finally got the consistency / dryness required

Not where I store it, but I thought this made for a nice shot on top of my fridge with some special about-my-house Kemeticness

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Anpu in Melbourne vid

I blogged about this recently - here is the video of this rather awesome statue. I think the video gives a better sense of how huge the statue is and how grand it appears.

Kemetic transformation and more from Awakening Osiris

The next excerpt I am previewing from Awakening Osiris is from Chapter 6, The History Of Creation:

I make my changes in secret like an insect in its chrysalis, like lead into gold, the man in his mummy, the sanity in madness. Transformation is intellect, will, purpose, desire. Die. Be born. Bring forth labors and love. Let the invisible be in the visible. Name yourself in your heart and know who you are.

This strikes a chord for me as I am absolutely certain that the Ancient Kemetics knew about the secrets of our soul in relation to birthing and dieing and metamorphic processes that occur therein. The mummy image and the images that were painted or crafted on coffins and sarcophagi suggest that the insect world is not the only kingdom that experiences this. The Lion Path, which I mentioned in my very first blog post, also brings this fact to the fore.

Were the great adepts of the time locked away in meditation / transformation in the "sarcophagi" of pyramids for this reason? If indeed we do metamorphose, how is the process initiated and how did we lose knowledge of this if it meant immortality?