Friday, 6 May 2011


I had been wondering about how I have my Netjer statues on display in my home for all to see and sometimes not being comfortable with this. I then got the Egyptian Prayer Book (by Tamara Siuda) and found lots of inspiration about what I can do.

So yesterday I found the panelling /dividers that I wanted (they are EXACTLY as I pictured them) and found myself getting to the warehouse to collect them just in time (I had been looking in Freedom Furniture and IKEA but they did not have the exact kind I was after). I learned about these particular ones by "chance" - I was practicing Pilates at a pals house and she happened to produce the flyer with them "on sale" on it!

This is where the Shrine sits as part of the open-plan nature of my apartment

From side with doors fully opened

The doors fold open and you can see the inside of the Godbox and the original shelf system that it now encloses

Doors open with side view in

Long view


So now I need to work out which glyph, symbol, or Netjer - mark needs to go on the doors when they are sealed like this. I will make this out of FIMO (polymer clay). I have some ideas already but would love to hear from any of my followers (I have 5 now!!!!) if you have suggestions.


  1. Sigh- but two of your followers are me. :o I need to figure out how to disconnect that other account.

  2. Better to have "both" of you than none of you!!! :-)

  3. I want! (I am Iait, BTW - incase you were wondering)

  4. Hello Iait! I have been trying to gain access to your Kemetic journal! We are on opposite sides of the continent but it isn't that far really!

  5. What a great idea! Love that. - Neheti