Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Akh, and Nut & Geb meditation cycle

As mentioned in my first post, I am working through the meditation sequences in Shamanic Mysteries Of Egypt, and have just completed the Geb and Nut cycle. I usually leave the altar set up for a few days or until I feel that the sequences / Netjer energy has "passed" or dissipated.

Thanks to Seshathotep I was alerted to the fact that in the Kemetic Orthodox calendar, today (Shomu 5) is a a day to observe this Divine Couple and felt quite synchronous about the whole thing! My altar below:

Meanwhile, other meditations are revealing more information about the Soul Anatomy that so fascinates me, and most recently I completed my FIMO Akh.

By working with the Ancient Kemetic glyphs in a physical way like this I hope to understand more of how our subtle - but not less powerful  - anatomy works. I think the Ancients knew, and have left messages for us to figure out, but I do not know that they can be read with the mind alone.

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