Sunday, 24 April 2011

Anpu Statue and my take of modern Kemetic interpretations

Yesterday I visited a large statue of Anpu that had been created to advertise the exhibition "Tutankhamun and the Golden Of the Pharaohs" (I am yet to see this exhibition as it has only recently opened in Australia: I noticed when I was in the Cairo Museum last year that some pieces were missing from the display cabinet and now I know where they are!) I had seen this masterpiece before as they shipped it down the Thames to a resting place somewhere along there for the same purpose.

So I have already given away that I am impressed by the statue in that last paragraph: it truly is stunning and probably the first massive statue of a Netjer to be produced since Kemetic times. Even as I recall various movies that had impressive sets over the years, I am certain that nothing on this scale of a Netjer was produced.

When the statues and images of Netjer were created in Ancient times they were created to specifications that did not permit "interpretation" over time - this is why for most of Kemetic history the images in tombs and temples and those expressed through sculpture remained essentially the same, with the most notable changes occuring after Alexander the Great moved in.

I think this was more than limiting an artists "licence" and had much more to do with accurately capturing the image or essence of the Netjer in the piece in question. When I see modern interpretations of Netjer, I will look for "giveaways" like the kinds of crowns, sceptres or gesture that they are portrayed with, but more so I get a feeling for wether Netjer can inhabit or live through the piece at hand.

Actually in the case of this statue, I do think that Divine Inspiration was at hand as the statue does have a majesty about it which I witnessed yesterday. Do I think Anpu inhabits this image? I think a part of Him does. And I think that He "comes and goes".

If I were to change this sculpture in any way I would have the uas sceptre upright and not on a slant, and I would have an ankh in the statues' free hand. The black and gold interpretation found in so many resin reproduced images works for me and does for this statue also.

I particularly liked the detail of the head of the uas sceptre - these artists knew their stuff.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Here it is, in time for Easter

I find myself at a time in my life where metaphysics, spirituality, the Great Unknown and the Great Mystery all bear down upon and through me. Again. The last time this happened (not that it ever went away, but let's just say that the wheel has turned full circle again) it was the late 80's and early 90's (I started relatively young). That time involved a "UFO" encounter (I think of this phenomena in different terms), my car going over a cliff (yes I was in it) living in 3 different Australian cities and finally, The Lion Path.

But I digress (and I will elaborate on those aforementioned other subjects another time, if anyone wants to know that is), as this blog is about the specific way that I find my spirituality / metaphysical self unfolding: through the Netjeru and the writings left behind by the Ancient Kemetic People (the Ancient Egyptians).

Am I religious? I do not consider myself so at all. I am fascinated by religions, but part of my journey right now is working out where I fit and who I am in relation to Netjer. There is a relationship there, and I am still finding what that relationship is.

Am I a devotee of Netjer? Well, I have an altar, a multi-story shrine for statues that I have purchased plus ones I have made from FIMO, and I very much like reading Egyptian Prayers out loud. I like to read from The Book Of Coming Forth By Day (aka Book Of The Dead) aloud. I have followed one Ancient Egyptian Shamanic practice already earlier in my life (The Lion Path) and am following another currently (Shamanic Mysteries Of Egypt) which I am finding to be powerful and beneficial with my unfolding and development.

Even though I have barely introduced myself and deliberately wish to remain somewhat anonymous, I find it timely that my blog - a long time coming - debuts in our world at Easter time. This period in the Christian calendar has fascinated me since I was a child. Jesus - whom I have no doubt spent time in training in the Great Temples of Egypt - died and resurrected: itself a common theme with Kemt. The promise of Immortality (and my special interest - Physical Immortality) draws me to that story again and again.

And so where does the Easter egg come into it? The Divine Egg or envelope of one of our subtle bodies is another theme of Kemetic understanding, and I wonder if this is a surviving remnant that we still glimpse? I am reminded by my visit to the Coptic Museum in Cairo last November (2010) and noticing the many examples of the Kemetic religion merging with the Christian before the latter began to take hold.

Amon-Ra sits on my altar as I pass through His particular meditation sequence in the Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt, and yes, I can feel the presence of this Netjer around, with and near me.

The photo below was taken earlier this month at the airport as I waited to board my flight to New Zealand. As the Great Globe rose in the sky I could hear some Middle Eastern men chattering in their language about something; as I looked up it was this that they were pointing to and were fascinated by, as was I.

As were the Ancient Peoples of Kemt all that time ago.